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Thread: Request to get forum back on track

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    I have been thinking lately about how things on this particular forum within has deteriorated over the last three months, and I have come to the conclusion that it is purposely being undermined for a specific purpose by a select number of individuals. I suspect the motivation is to bring the effectiveness of this website to a grinding hault and to destroy the common decency of its standing members and visitors.

    Almost every single post has been hijacked and derailed from its original topic, when such topics have related to things relavent to the forum, and ended in a disgusting array of post whoring, bickering, name calling and personal attacks. I am entirely disappointed and disgusted with it to say the least.

    I am also saddened that individuals who have been on this board for ages have left and not posted for a long time. Those who have stayed that are good citizens who are passionate about OC have allowed these intruders to provoke you into hostile exchanges that tend to bring outthe negative side of you. This is EXACTLY what they want, and you have given it to them. They want the world to see that OC people are whacked and mentally unable to handle hostility without loosing thier cool or behaving unprofessionally. They want to bring out the ugly side of you, of which they are hypocrites because, essentially, every single human being has a dark side that has the potential to come about when sufficiently provoked.

    Those of you who are the provokers are hiding behind the veil of honest debate of differing opinions on the topics and stances of people posting ligitimate stories and experiences on this borad. Make no mistake. I can see through it all as clear as day what you are doing and have tried my darndest not to get caught up in it.

    That being said, I will not credit the intruders with all of the hostilities, as some members have also started some, albiet few, of the hostile attacks and bickering that have fueled this fire.

    I know I could possibly be flamed to death over my comments. They do not apply to everyone who may think it is directed at them. Those of you who are the instigators, you know who you are.

    My final comments are these: The ONLY way to get this forum back on track is to entirely and indefinitely IGNORE and DO NOT RESPOND OR REPLYto these individuals intent on destroying the very fabric of this forum. Let them spew their poison upon our cause, but do not give them the satisfaction of a reply. Do this, and we will grow immune to the poison, and it will not have its intended effect. Stand up and be the bigger person and just "walk away from the keyboard" if you have to. If you give them no attention or satisfaction, they will eventually become bored and tiresome and leave, for there is no conflict or battle for them to fight.


    P.S. I'm going to take a break from posting for awhile. I'll be back to check up on things in about a month. If it's still same old same old and conflict everywhere and people disrespecting everybody and the site going to hell in a handbasket, I won't be back again after that, not that it really matters if I'm gone. I don't hold myself in that high esteem.
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    I agree but why go because of a few bad apples
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