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Thread: USNEWS: Obama should seeks sportsmens' votes

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    With the election turning on states like Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain will be hunting hard for support among hook and bullet voters. For Obama, making inroads with this group is one key to victory in November.
    In June, the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment guarantees a private right to bear arms—a decision Obama promptly embraced.

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    Obama promptly embraced the decision? Sure he did, right before calling working class people bitter, and talking about how we cling to religion and guns. I'm sure he'll try sucking up to hunters and fishermen, even though most of them are aware he's endorsed by moonbat fringe groups who want to eradicate such recreation.

    Obama can try all he wants curry favor with people he openly mocks infront of his elitist left wing friends, but he's probably never shot a gun in his life or caught a fish.

    Obama can try and distract us from his record of supporting every anti gun bill he's seen. He can try too pull a John Kerry, and assasinate a duck this season, but it will be a waste of time.

    Lets also not forget he's endorsed by hamas, friends with 60's radical leftwing bomb throwers, supported by racists like Louis Farrahklan, and spent 20 years in a church listening to inane rants about how evil America is and how our government created AIDS to kill black people. Obama is the product of a kook fringe communist support structure.
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