I received a DVD in the mail the other day, as well did some of my friends, named "Obsession Radical Islam's war against the west".

My wife and I watched it and it affirmed my desire to get my CPL and to make sure that we try to vote for someone in office that protects our Second Amendment Rights. It is quite a DVD, and I recommend it to anyone. This is not about the mainstream Muslim faith that do not condone violence, this is about a modern day Nazi regime under a new guise of Jihad. It is Nazi all over again, even to the stiff arm salutes.

Link to check out a bit more of this is at: http://www.clarionfund.org/and

http://www.radicalislam.org/ where you can watch a trailer of the movie "Obsession".

Hope the links help. *S* Sorry for not postingthem.