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Thread: maybe some one can help me out here.

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    Over the last few months my husband and I have had some changes in jobs, making our budget very tight, and now we have to get the engine in our truck repaired, we hate to part with one of our glocks but this is a must.

    I would rather sale to some one here before posting on KSL. What we are wanting to sale is Glock 17 9m, comes with 3 high cap mags, Half Box of America Eagle rounds, and 17 roundsof Golden saber hollow points,Hard Carrying Case, black basketweave holster, double mag holster, Bianchani accumold duty belt, and under belt. hand cuff case including hand cuff key, and a pair of smith and wesson handcuffs.

    The glock only has been used in training 4 times for requalifactions, and has been to dougs shoot n sports with 1-2 boxes of rounds about 3 times, has seen very little use. I am not sure on the exact number of rounds spent through the barrel. but i personally cleaned it after every time it was fired. the glock has standard sights on it.

    we are asking for 700 obo. Please PM then we can arrange a place to meet. If i can not find a buy here, I hate to post on KSL. also if you dont want everything that we are trying to get rid of as my husband no longer has a need for those items, PM and I can sale to you the individual glock at a lower rate, then with the duty belt rig and accesories. thanks guys. and gals.

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    Spray and pray lol if it was a glock 21 then okay even a sub compact 45 but no thanks good luck on the sale.
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