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Thread: First OC encounter

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    I've been OCing for several weeks now, plenty of comments and discussion between friends & family but nothing from the public beyond some odd looks. Yesterday evening I had my first encounter with a gentleman named Steve (I forgot his last name) working at Center Vac & Sew in Kennewick. Actually, I think he's the owner, he didn't say as much but I got that impression.

    I stopped by to pickup some filters for my vacuum cleaner and we chatted about vacuums for a bit. After I paid for my items, he asked if I was a police officer. I responded "No, just exercising my second amendment rights", and we had a very nice conversation. He was extremely supportive and has a CPL himself but didn't know OC was legal in Washington. I gave him a card (I don't want to carry around full sized pamphlets, so I condensed the basics onto a business card & included the URL to for more info.) He said he intended to share the information with many more people.

    If anyone in the Tri-Cities needs a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine, or parts for either, head on down there. It's a small, locally owned operation and they're very supportive of our second amendment rights.

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    Good to hear your first public encounter was a good one.

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