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Thread: Discount NRA Memberships and Renewal for OCDO

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    I posted this on UCC as well, but I wanted to share it with all my friends on OCDO as well.

    Hello Everyone,

    After watching that last couple presidential debates, it hit me hard that there is a real chance we may soon be fighting harder than ever before to protect our 2ND Ammendment rights, and it is apparent that we must all do what we can to help our cause and preserve the rights that we enjoy.

    Some of you already know, but my wife and I are expecting our first child (a little girl) the end of December, and this causes me to start worrying about our next generation. I was pondering the ways that I can help to make sure they have the right to own and use firearms for self-defense. I have decided that I am going to take advantage of abilities as an official NRA recruiter and offer a $10 discount on NRA memberships and renewals to OCDO Members. To take advantage of this offer, just follow this link: I plan to keep this offer open at least until election day.

    Now I know people have mixed feelings about the NRA, but they really are a heavy hitter on our team. If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or PM me.

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    I'm concerned about how the NRA compromises so easily. As with HB1399 and the way they worked with Clinton on the AWB. Also about their silence on the OC movement, which I feel is absolutely deplorable. Until they do something of real substance that shows they will not compromise so easily and/or show somegenuinesupport for theOC movement,I can not in good conscience considerrejoining the NRA,at any price.They will not even respond to my emails on theOCsubject. That is inexcusable. Not even an email, nothing.
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