Okay, here is the score. I am adopting my step children and we have a court dat on the 20th for finalization. However, part of the process involves a post placement report which we have completed except 1 item. We need a copy of the divorce decree from my wife's 1st marriage. Problem is, that is in LA and we are in WA. We ordered it 10 days ago but they have not processed it yet! We need it tomorrow or we cannot get it submitted in time and will need to reschedule court date untill December!!!

We need someone who can go to the LA County Superior Court house and get the divorce decree only (not whole file) and fax it to us. It will only cost a couple of bucks which we will gladly reimburse. I am hoping one of you LA types can help us out here!

Let me know via IM or email and I will give you needed information!