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Thread: Loaded carry in Navada ! Questions

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    Hi All,

    From california, and this is why I'm asking I live close to Reno and wanted to know if openloaded carry is what you can do in Navada ? As I read all the Navada pamphlets and it seems right YES, however coming from Cal, I know the rules here, but not a lot in Navada.

    It saids carrying is OK but nothing about "loaded" in cities, that I know of.So my assumption is their talking about Loaded carry. Is this true ?

    Its a dumb question but you must remember I'm in Cal now, differant RULES !

    Thanks in advance ! Robin47

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    Yep, loaded open carry is fine in Nevada, including in cities.In the pamphlet in the NV forum, you can ctrl+click on the blue NRS numbers (in Microsoft Word)to see the actual wording of the law (it links to the lawlisted on theNevada Legislature Website.)

    Also,cities and other localities cannot regulate the possession of firearms due to the preemption laws.

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