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Thread: An immodest proposal. Legally Armed Citizen notice preceeding Disorderly Conduct charges

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    Inexpensive insurance requiring little effort. The value is arguable, let it commence.

    The common meaning of facilitate is 'to make easy or easier', therefor being ordinarily armed in advance of a hypothetical act of disorderly conduct removes possession as solely making the hypothetical act easy.

    To: Chief of Police, County Sheriff, State Patrol, 'Legal Notices' local newspaper, 'Legal Notices' County Seat newspaper, 'Legal Notices' State Capitol newspaper, 'Legal Notices' major metropolitan newspapers

    Subject: Notice of legally armed citizen

    References: Wisconsin Constitution Article I Section 25, Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 939.63, Chapter 66.0409

    Attached: Photograph, notarized

    To whom it may concern;

    I am a legally armed citizen appropriately armed in my daily life.

    Legally Armed Citizen
    Street Address
    City, Wisconsin ZIP
    and such other identifications as are pleasing to the individual such as Passsport Number or Drivers License or other government identification
    Certified Mail, Return Receipt costs $4.70 per addressee

    The bottom line, "Your Honor, I did not put my gun on to facilitate the alleged disorderly conduct."

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    Never mind I just read the line about certified mail. Jimmy

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    Here's an idea for those of you who want to DO something:

    Contact your county board supervisors and re-submit the resolution.

    Press them to act on it. If they refuse, catch them after a meeting, with video camera running, and ask them why you/me/we have no rights. Then post their answers on You-Tube.

    The cost is almost non-existent and because you were asking a question about rights, and did so without a firearm, if they try to quash you that would be a violation of your first (1st) amendment rights.

    Will you start by taking this first unarmed stand?

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