Sorry for the OT, for sale post but I need to get rid of this hip/ belt holster and thought this would be a quick way of doing so.

It is a black belt holster made by Galco, with thumb break. It looks to fully fit a 5 " commander model pistol, fully covering the barrel. If you want me to send you a picture just send me a PM.

Going to grab a holster today that actually fits my 4.25 inch barrel, this was purchased by a friend of mine that owned this pistol before I did and he didn't mind the extra inch of holster, I do.

I am looking for $40.00 for this puppy, original price was $68.00 at LEEDS in Tacoma, they have a great selection of holsters and I think I am going to run by there today to check out the smaller holsters.

BTW, the pistol doesn't come with the holster