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    I was just wondering if there was anyone else who use a second separate belt to carry their gun. I was working out in the yard today. I had been inside for most of the day. When I finally ended up having to go outside to get some stuff done, I was already dressed with my jeans and belt on. So, I grabbed another belt, and wore my Beretta 9000 like that. And I must say, it was very comfortable. It didn't feel like one side of my pants were being pulled down the whole time. I was able to move it around to suit what I was doing at the moment.

    All that to ask, does or has anyone else OCed using a second belt on top of the other one? Or even carried a revolver, single or double-action, western style as it were?

    Just curious.

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    I've started carrying with a 2" wide nylon duty belt. I have a velcro pants belt that holds the outer belt in place, but I don't always use it. It is very easy to just slap the belt on and run outside, and it's also convenient during the day when I need to disarm temporarily.

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    I sometimes use a 2"leather belt and western style holster over my pants because I dont like the weight of the pistolon my pants belt. I more ofton carry in a shoulder holster. It dos'nt get in the way, sitting or standing,and I can put it on a lot more easily than the belt rig, I just sling it over my rightshoulder with the pistol under my left armand I'm good to go.
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