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Thread: Carried for at least two months now. My report......

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    For slightly more than the last two months, I've been carrying my Taurus model 85 stainless steel snub nosed .38 on my belt in a Fobus holster just about everywhere I go except for places that have gun-prohibited signs on the door, hospitals, bars and parks. With only one exception, NO ONE has raised an eyebrow or objected. To those who ask if I'm licensed to do so or a cop, and who are then informed by me about the laws regarding OC in NC, have agreed that it's a good idea and fully respect my decision. I feel comfortable carrying anywhere now and don't give it a second though. Nor do the people around me, whcih is why I'm so at ease doing it.

    The only exception was that I was, early on, rather abruptly asked to leave the Food Lion nearest my house and to not come back unless I didn't have the gun with me. A subsequent letter to Food Lion HQ garnered mea letter from their legal officse saying that Fodo Lion had no established policy on the matter. My solution was to go to the next Food Lion down the street. As I was walking out of the place on my first OC occasion there, the security guard stopped ask if that was a Smith I was carrying, then he told me about a fine one he gave his son for high school graduation a long time ago.

    Then at the Mexican-oriented supermarket near my house where I now mostly shop (across the street from that first Food Lion), I have carried many a time with no hassle. The second time I did, however, I was asked by a cop on duty there to take it out to my car and leave it there, which I did. I asked him if there was a weapons-prohibited store policy on the matter. He said "There is when I'm here.". A bit of a reach legally, but he's tecnhically an employee of the store when he's on duty there so I have to abide by his wishes. I just said "Yes sir.".

    So, to sum up, OC'ing has been nothing to be self conscious about and pretty much a non-event as far as hassles go. I willingly comply with all places of business that have a sign on the door or an employee who asks me to cut it out. I figure that happens so infrequently, I'm not going to let it bother me, seeing as it's quite a privelege to live in a country that is still free enough for us to OC in some states, and that is quite a LOT of liberty to have.

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    Food Lions are like air in NC. When I lived in Lexington there were at least 5 of them...and Lexington isn't that big.
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