I just sent a letter to the editor of the Virginia Pilot. I doubt if it will ever see print but they still needed to hear from me. They need to hear from ALL of us. They need to know that we don't accept their socialist police state mentality. I encourage each of you to read their "Public Safety Failed" editorial, then compose your own letter to the editor and send it in.

This is what I sent to the editor:

Editor, I found the article about public safety vs. VCDL to be especially offensive, not just because it contains the usual anti-gun owner slurs and insults, but because it delves into the voo-doo realm of mind reading.

Your article presumes in a most conceited fashion to pretend to know our thoughts by saying that we intentionally provoke a reaction from others, then pretend to be offended when they air complaints. Apart from that being a blatant prevarication, how would you know what we are thinking?

As a free citizen who carries a firearm frequently, I am not attempting to provoke a reaction from anyone. I mind my own business and expect others to do likewise.

Lastly, the VCDL is not a bunch of out of town trouble makers as you stated but many of us live, worship, work, and shop right here in Hampton Roads.
Perhaps you should get to know us better. I'm available