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Thread: Fairfax county CHP in 35 days.

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    Saturday I received my Fairfax county CHP in the mail. I applied on 9/9/2008 and received it in the mail on 10/13/2008. Thirty-five days or thereabouts.

    I dropped by Virginia Arms to pickup a pistol they were holding until my 30 day timer expired. I provided my DL and CHP as ID for the paperwork. A few minutes later they returned and showed me the issue date of the permit is 10/17/2008!

    Be forewarned! The date you receive your CHP in the mail is not the date it becomes valid. Check its "born on date" before using.

    Thankfully, the only thing I did with the permit since Saturday was get it laminated along with my VCDL member card.

    By the time the permit is valid my 30 days will be up anyway...

    ETA: 10/9/2008 corrected to 9/9/2008.

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    Mine took just about 39 days recently, and had been valid a couple days when I received it. I had inadvertently let it expire and don't know if they considered it a "renewal" or not -- I gave them documentation both ways and let them handle it as they chose. But 39 calendar days, and there it was.

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    I 'think' I read somewhere it is future dated by a clerk who is essentially guessing when it will be signed off on and sent out. You got yours to 'quickly'.
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