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Thread: I find myself doing it more and more

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    Although i have a concealed permit I find myself more and more oc. I totaly accept that both are an intricate part of our 2nd amendment right. I have a member in our 2nd amendment group that oc and i would love to have more from seattle and surrounding areas. I use to oc back in the 80's and i agree if we dont excercise this right we are not fully useing this right. I just wanted to chime in on the subject. I am on your side.

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    I started out about 95% CC and just a lil OC...

    Now I find myself being a little annoyed by the occasions where I need to CC

    It is much easier, and more comfortable to just throw on the serpa and go.

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    Like you David, I get annoyed when I have to CC. I OC 99% of the time.

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