Lorton Arts Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Corporation and has leased the old D.C. prison from the county of Fairfax. "During our 50-year lease with Fairfax County , we will invest in the preservation, renovation, promotion and operation of the Workhouse. The total investment required to complete Phase I and support initial operations through 2010 is $39,000,000. We have completed a 30-year industrial revenue bond financing that provides $19,000,000 for construction. Due to the fact that the Workhouse is listed on the National Historic Register, we are able to finance $5,000,000 in capital through the sale of historic tax credits. In addition, Fairfax County has agreed to provide maintenance support, in the form of a $1-$1 matching grant, of $1,000,000 per year through 2010. The remaining $10,000,000 will be raised privately from individuals, corporations and foundation grants."

The above being cut and pasted from "About Us" at the link.

So my question is can this none profit, publicly funded .org leasing public land prohibit firearms. I don't know thier policy as I have not been there. I am thinking about going and if they can not legaly prohibit my firearm I will open carry. If they can prohibit and have no policy I will conceal so as not to prompt the creation of a policy.-Jay