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    WallyWorld KT Alexandria has a new Sporting Goods Manager.

    Her name is Nora G.

    I ran into a fellow lurker at the countertoday. I bought 200 rds 9 ball.

    Lurker: Why do I have to show my license, don't I look like I'm over 21?'

    Nora G: 'Store Policy, sir'.

    [Lurker looks at me and the 92 - decides it's best to show DL]

    I ask if he's on, states yes but I lurk....I say, you need to intro!!

    Nora G: 'You have a pistol, is that legal?'

    Me: Absolutely, 2nd Amendment rights and all that......

    Nora: 'You mean I can carry a pistol like that and it's legal?'

    Me 'Absolutely!'..[expl Va laws at this point....but not at work, that's employee/corporate dependent]

    Nora: 'So when I leave here at night, I can have a pistol on my hip and no-one will say anything?'

    Me 'No-one will say anything, it's completely legal and adviseable'.

    At this point I hand her an card asshe admires the OC pistol.

    Easy bizness at KT Wally....ask for Nora G. for :celebrate

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    I've OC'd there over the summer while purchasing ammo, no issues. Good to know others are as well.

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    I think that saying that "no one will say anything" is slightly misleading. Someone definitely may say something including the police (we all know about harassment that some OCers get), but I would just reassure her that it's legal in Virginia, but it does draw attention.

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