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Thread: First time carry

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    OK, my HCP finally arrived this morning in the mail. I had to go to town for the boss after lunch, so I slipped my .45 Colt (clone) onto my belt and took the plunge. Now Lobelville is a small rural town with a Mennonite presence. I had already done some asking around about folks open carrying in the area, since I hadn't seen anyone doing it, and found that it wasn't a big deal to folks there. (There are a few that OC all the time, I just haven't met up with them yet.)

    I layed my gun in the seat in the holster when I head for town, since my first stop was going to be the Post Office. After getting that done I put the holster on my belt and headed for the local mini-mart for a Mtn Dew. There wer abunch of older men in the mini-mart socializing and I know that a few of them were looking right at me as I walked in but didn't seemed to be alarmed. The cashier didn't say a word about the gun when I paid for my Dew, and I was off to my next stop. Went into the local grocery store fora couple of 6- packs of Dews and no one seemed to notice my hogleg. Cool Then back out to the holler.

    OK, non-eventul, which is how it should be,but it was really weird feeling carrying a firearm for the first time, in public.....and OCing at that. I guess it will take some time to get use to it.

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    I felt that everyone was watching me when I first OC'd. The more you do it the less nervous you'll be.

    If you (or anyone else) is in Nashville, drop me a PM and we can hit the range or just get a cup of coffee (or a glass of Dew!).

    Its always nice to put faces with names and expand our ftf social circles.

    Edit: Opps, I forgot to add my congratulations on getting your HCP.

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