I am somewhat hesitant to start this thread as it will probably come across as meddling or moderator/admin aspiring. Not so. If you disagree, simple; ignore me.

In December 2007,jpierce started this thread in the Announcements forum. I would like to echo what he said, including the fact that the profile info is voluntary. But it is nice to at least know the State you're from.


Along those line, I have noticed that many of the profile entries that are filled out, are different. So, I took a peek at mine to see if I could figure out why. The profile form is dynamic. For the location, it is dependent upon first selecting the right country. If you leave that blank, there will never be an option to pick from the list of states. This standardized entry into the state field is what allows John and Mike (or anyone else interested in the demographics of the board).

Correctly completed:

Incorrectly completed:

Not sure how this will display for you, (side by side or above/below). On the bottom (or right) example, I would not be able to find any other people in Federal Way or Washington. I could only find other people who entered "Federal Way, WA", but that wouldn't find Federal Way, Wash. or anything else that was close. It looks for an exact match; there is not an advanced search with wildcards that would be a workaround.

You might ask why this is a concern. Having attended an impromptu (1 or 2 day notice) get together in Federal Way last night, it occurred to me that it would sure be nice to be able to see at a glance who is in the area. Ithinkthese smaller get-togethers are great for strengthening our community.

So, check out that link at the top of this post; if you can see your way to add your location - great. If not, no big deal. But I would encourage everyone to check the information in your profile. If the state isn't spelled out, followed by USA, then 'twould be nice to have them all in the same format. [/totalgeek]