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Thread: No open carry or concealed carry

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    Hi folks,

    No open carry and no concealed carry. That's the situation I and lot's of other folks are facing in Texas. In Brazoria county and other coastal counties, on top of the long delays, CHL applicants are now holding a letter from DPS stating that they will delay CHL application processing indefinitely due to hurricane IKE.

    If I could open carry, this would be at least somewhat of a tolerable situation. However as it stands, being assured by law I can get the CHL, buying a gun, paying the app. fee, taking time for the training, paying for the training, etc I'm pretty angry about this letter. Under any standard of scrutiny against the 2nd amendment, an indefinite delay is a complete denial of our rights.

    I've had a lot of people disagree with me lately, but I think the time is ripe to challenge these laws in court. It would seem to me that another court victory within the 5th circuit against the CHL laws would be a major driver for getting the legislature to change the laws on open carry. My question to you guys is anyone in Texas considering court challenges as a driver for changing the legislation?

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    Not at this point. We seem to be gettinga lot ofpositive reactions fromsomeof thelegislators. Best to stay on course for now. If we can get it passed this session it will not be as long a haul as a court case. We may have to unleash that dog later, but let's work diplomatically for now.

    Edit: Contact your State Rep. and Senator.Let them know what is going on and that you want OC to pass this session. Be nice, but firm. Contact the Governor as well.
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