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Thread: Norfolk Stockley Gardens art show OC

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    Just got back from Stockley Gardens art show today - OC the entire day without incident. Carried my Glock in a Serpa, dressed in black jeans and nice pullover sweatshirt. Got shadowed by a plainclothes officer (I believe) for a few minutes. Then the sole Norfolk Police LEO's phone rang, she walked over. I made eye contact, gave her a smile, and that was it. My girlfriend noticed a few :what:, but no one said a thing. Of course, having a couple of adorable three year old girls in tow didn't hurt anything, either .

    A couple of thoughts from a longtime lurker here:

    1. The crowd was mostly upper income, older whites. The LEO was a black female. No issues whatsoever.

    2. My friends accompanying me (not the little girls, of course) were curious. I gave them a thumbnail sketch of the recent Danbus/BMWAG affair. They had read about it in the Pilot and were both on my side on the issue. While I would have played it differently, my hats off to him. I wish him well and will contribute to the fund when I've read that he actually wants our help.

    3. I've read some great advice here, along with some utter nonsense. I've made up my mind to

    a) politely refuse to talk to any LEO and walk away after asking "Am I being detained" and receiving a "No" answer

    b) politely refuse to show ID unless concealing, then only display it, NOT surrender it

    c) politely refuse to disarm but offer no resitance if the issue is pushed

    Hope to see more of you unicorns out there.

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    Welcome hektor - Welcome and congratulations on uneventful OC experience. That is actually the norm, day in and day out. The Norfolk/Danbus thing is very extra-ordinary.

    Lot if good people and discussions here. It does help us in responding to you in some specific cases if we know where you reside (state at least) and it benefits the Mike and John (owner/moderators) considerably.

    Yata hey

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