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Thread: Open Carry Initiative

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    So at the Open Carry Lunch today, gir007 ( handle) discussed the idea of getting a film together about the Open Carry Movement and seeing if we ( members) were interested in such a thing. Talking further with gir007 by myself, we brainstormed a few ideas.

    The main idea that gir007 and I threw around was the idea of getting MULTIPLE groups across California to get some poor college student needing a film project to film the (local) OC outings for members of the various gun forums and organizations (including but not limited to,,, etc etc etc) and then getting all the film together, compiling it into a decent movie and submitting it as a documentary to a small film festival.

    I think with commentaries, outings and other such topics of interest being filmed and compiled it might actually work. To get it to work though we need cooperation from multiple "chapters" (if you will) and a supply of poor college students (no end in sight there )

    Any ideas out there, fellow brethren in arms?

    Also, check the blog to see about the Open Carry Lunch!


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    Hey Pull, I just got back from Iraq so I'll be stuck around here for awhile. I don't have much to offer but my full-time support. Do not hesitate to reach me.

    -Henry (Oakland)

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