On my adventure through the big wally world in fair lakes I spot a OCer in the food section. The day this occured wasyesterday (Sunday) 1300 hours,and the place was packed. On my way out, I passed him again. I stopped and asked him if he was a member here at OCDO. The first thing he did was reach for his ID.

I said "NO Idon't want to see your ID I was curiosare you a member on OCDO."

After he stated he wasn't I began explaining to him theforum and about the community of people who exercise what he is excersing"

After, my wife and Ishook hishand with his wife and playing with his extremely cute little boy. We chit chatted a while and he also said that there was a creepy guy following him around the store watching him. He asked me if I was carrying I smiled and thought to myself "admit nothing, deny, everything, make counter accusations. I just smiled (as my G21SF wasriding in a Milt sparks VM-II underneath a number 47 Cooley Jersey.). Anyway forgot the guys name, but his sons name was Mason IIRC.