DC gun laws do not change for taxicab drivers

Oct 20, 2008 10:49 AM (24 mins ago) AP



» 24 mins agoC gun laws do not change for taxicab drivers «

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HybridWASHINGTON (Map, News) - Gun rights advocates say attacks on taxicab drivers in the Washington area call for further changes to D.C. handgun laws.

After a Supreme Court decision overturning a ban on handguns, D.C. residents may keep registered weapons in their place of business. But police and city officials say the workplace must be a "fixed location," making it illegal for taxicab drivers to carry weapons.

Nathan Price, chairman of the D.C. Coalition of Taxicab Drivers, says the city's 7,000 drivers aren't sufficiently shielded. He says that if the city fails to protect drivers, then it's a constitutional right "to carry a gun to protect yourself."

The most recent attack occurred last week when driver Tekola Bekele was fatally shot during a carjacking in Landover, Md. Police also investigated at least seven assaults on Washington taxi drivers in January and February.