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Thread: No weapons in Hospital waiting room?

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    So I spent some time at a local hospital's surgical care waiting room today while my wife has surgery. I carried concealed to avoid the inevitable confrontation with hospital security if I carried openly at a women's hospital

    We went last night for some pre-op treatment and checked carefully for any no-weapons signs. Saw none.

    Looked carefully on arrival today (different entrance), saw none. Waiting in pre-op with my wife, no problems. As was being rolled into the OR, I was sent to the surgical waiting room. No signs on the entrance, but once I entered the room, one portion of the room had a small sign on the wall over the TV saying no weapons, concealed or otherwise.

    Now, I know the state law says
    14-415 (c) ...where notice that carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited by the posting of a conspicuous notice or statement by the person in legal possession or control of the premises.
    My understanding is that "conspicuous notice" (according to my CCP instructor) means at the entrances to the premises.

    Question: what was my obligation as a CHP holder? If I sat in the one section of the room where that was not posted, was I in violation of the law? Was I obligated to leave the waiting room?

    Your thoughts...

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    IMO you weren't doing anything wrong. If there are no signs on the entrances then you should be fine. However, I'm not expert on the law, that is just my opinion.

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