Virginia State Forests preparing petition on allowing carry

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From: Philip Van Cleave
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:11 PM
Subject: VA-ALERT: VCDL Update 10/21/08

1. Virginia State Forests preparing petition on allowing carry

Thanks to Bob Taylor for bringing 4 VAC 10-30-170 to my attention.
That Virginia Admin code says:

"No person shall bring into or have in any forest any explosive or
explosive substance, except commercial sporting firearms ammunition;
explosives, explosive substances and firearms of all types are
prohibited in any portion of a forest assigned to the Department of
Forestry, for administration as a recreational area."

A couple of weeks ago I contacted Ron Jenkins, who handles policy for
State Forests, about this issue. I told Mr. Jenkins that the same two
Attorney General opinions that say that State Parks cannot prohibit
either open carry or concealed carry would apply to State Forests, too.

Mr. Jenkins, who was very polite and professional, said he would look
into the matter.

I forwarded him an email with a more formal petition and links to the
two AG opinions referenced above.

EM Mike Stollerwerk has discovered that State Forests are getting
ready to vet the VCDL petition. (Like other State agencies, before
State Forests changes its rules, it notifies and gets input from the
public on the proposed change.)

For now, there is nothing to do. I will let you know when we can
begin sending supporting emails for the petition and where to send them.

Here is a link to the petition information:

Petition Title Allowing the Lawful Carry of Handguns on State Forests
Date Filed 10/7/2008
Petitioner Philip Van Cleave, President Virginia Citizens Defense
Petitioner's Request

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is asking the State Forester to
change the current regulation to allow the otherwise lawful carry of
handguns, either concealed with a concealed handgun permit or openly,
in a state forest.

Agency's Plan

The Department of Forestry shall submit notice of the petition to the
Registrar for publication in the Virginia Register. The notice will
be available for a 21-day comment period by the public. After the
close of the 21-day comment period, the agency will issue a written
decision as to whether it will grant or deny the petition.

Comment Period Will begin 11/10/2008 and end on 12/2/2008
Agency Decision Pending