I was dining at the Chinese Buffet today in the Sterling Town Center at the intersection of Rt 7 and Dranesville Rd and much to my surprise I saw another person come in who was also OCing.

This was the first time EVER that I have seen anyone other than me out in public in this area OCing, (except at an OC dinner) so I was VERY happy.

I went over and introduced myself and I think he said he was on OCDO as caltainbut I am NOT 100% sure.

He said that in the years that he has been OCing he had only ever seen 3 others OCing so I guess there are still not enough of us in this area yet to make an impact, but I will keep trying.

To caltainit was nice to meet you and get to see someone else out there going about our every day business OCing.

Be Careful Out There