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Thread: Shooting at University of Central Arkansas kills 2, wounds 1

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    CONWAY, Ark. (AP) - There's no explanation so far for a shooting at the University of Central Arkansas that's left two people dead and one wounded.
    A university police spokeswoman says the shots were fired at a little after 9 p.m. Sunday near Arkansas Hall.
    She couldn't say whether the victims were students, but did say all three were male. One died at the scene and another died at a hospital. The condition of the third victim isn't available.
    The campus in Conway went into lockdown as soon as the shooting occurred, meaning no one is being allowed in or out.
    Officials say the campus will remain locked down Monday. Classes have been canceled. The university police Web site says one person is in custody and three others are being sought.
    Here we go again!
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    Looking at the map,

    Personally I think people should be able to sue the state of Arkansas for being an accomplice to murder. If carry wasn't prohibited by statute someone could have just shot the little creep.
    Gays are prominent members of firearm rights, we do more via the courts, don't like it? Leave.
    Religious bigots against same sex marriage are not different than white supremacists.
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    The "gun free zone" advocates can chalk up two more on their body count.

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    How many more innocent people are going to allow them selves to be used for target pratice ?

    How many more is it going to take befor the american people say Thats It No More,

    We are not going to be victims any more?

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    No need for concealed carry on a campus as the gun free zone and the police will protect you. This shooting took place in a GFZ and behind the campus police station. Article states the police were on scene in only 1 minute. Where was the protection?,2933,444132,00.html

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    I am a college student here in Arkansas and I hate the fact I have to unholster everytime I want to exit my vehicle to enter a "campus building."

    We had a shooting last year at the Univ. of Ark. at Little Rock in the same parking lot I always park in. The panel formed after the shooting recommended the cops go back to bicycle patrol and to remove the public bus stops on campus... Now that is sure to increase safety.

    I know the Arkansas Concealed Carry Assocation is going to work on the next legislative session to modify current carry laws in regards to "campus buildings."
    Chris Matthews
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    It's too bad that Arkansas is in the minority of states which bans all gun carry on campus, see

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    Repost from a thread in the VA forum...

    "Still, I have a couple of friends that go there. Let me just tick this.


    Pg 94
    Unauthorized possession, storage, and/or use of a weapon. This includes, but is not limited to, fireworks or other explosive devices, swords, illegal knives, BB or pellet guns, or firearms (see firearms policy for additional information).
    Pg 99
    Any student possessing, storing, or using a firearm on university controlled
    property or at university sponsored or supervised functions, unless
    authorized by the University, will be suspended from UCA for a period of not
    less than three (3) years unless a waiver of the suspension is granted by the
    president upon the recommendation of the vice president for student
    services. In order to be guilty of violating this policy, a student must have a
    culpable mental state of negligence or greater as defined in A.C.A. 5-2-202.

    The statutory definitions are as follows:

    1. "Purposely." A person acts purposely with respect to his/her conduct
    or a result thereof when it is his conscious object to engage in conduct
    of that nature or to cause such a result;

    2. "Knowingly." A person acts knowingly with respect to his/her conduct
    or the attendant circumstances when he/she is aware that the conduct
    is of that nature or that such circumstances exist. A person acts
    knowingly with respect to a result of his/her conduct when he is aware
    that it is practically certain that his/her conduct will cause such a result.

    3. "Recklessly." A person acts recklessly with respect to attendant
    circumstances or a result of his/her conduct when he/she consciously
    disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances
    exist or the result will occur. The risk must be of a nature and degree
    that disregard thereof constitutes a gross deviation from the standard
    of care that a reasonable person would observe in the actor's situation;

    4. "Negligently." A person acts negligently with respect to attendant
    circumstances or a result of his/her conduct when he/she should be
    aware of a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances
    exist or the result will occur. The risk must be of such a nature and
    degree that the actor's failure to perceive it, considering the nature and
    purpose of his/her conduct and the circumstances known to him/her,
    involves a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable
    person would observe in the actor's situation.
    Pg 106
    Resident Safety Policies - A number of policies have been implemented to promote safety and security on campus and in the residence halls:


    Weapons, firearms, and explosive devices are not allowed on campus or in the residence halls (see UCA Firearms Policy for additional information).


    Non-students who come onto campus and violate university policies are
    normally banned from campus.
    Pg 136
    Explosives and Firearms
    Fireworks, firearms, ammunition, explosive devices and devices used to launch a projectile are not permitted in university housing and, depending upon potency, can result in immediate suspension of the student.
    Pg 145
    Unauthorized possession, use, or storage of weapons (i.e., firearms, BB or pellet guns, paintball guns, air guns, soft air guns, illegal knives, fireworks, or other explosive devices) or ammunition is prohibited in the residence halls and UCA owned or leased apartments. Students should contact their Area Coordinator if clarification of this policy is needed.
    A summary of the 2007 Campus Security Act Report shows ten arrests for weapon possession last year. Two in 2006, three in 2005. "
    Why open carry? Because 1911 > 911.

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