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Thread: Pro-Open Carry Letter to Editor Published in Arkansas Traveler

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    Everybody should be writing these sorts of letters - this one was 103 words and focussed on only one argumentative point - basicaly a pin-point air strike on one target - get in, hit your target, and get out. Always keep letters to one main point and LESS THAN150 words - and try to get in a web link for folks to go to if interested.


    Not content to license constitutional rights

    The Arkansas Traveler is sure quick on the draw to oppose efforts to restore open carry rights in Arkansas as well as to insist that gun carry rights be limited to only those "with the proper license."

    After all, in most states, no license is needed to open carry holstered handguns at age 18. But in Arkansas, open carry is banned entirely.

    Over the years, the U.S. Supreme Court has said that the First Amendment does not allow states to require a "proper license" to publish a newspaper.

    If gun owners must be licensed to carry a gun, shouldn't newspapers be licensed, too?

    Mike Stollenwerk
    Alexandria, Va.
    Co-founder of

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    :shock: Nice!
    Why open carry? Because 1911 > 911.

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