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Thread: New OC member Checking In

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    Just wanted to stop in and say hi from the Pittsburgh, PA area. i found this forumvia and

    here's a little bit of my background. i've been i shooting firearms ever since i was able to hold one, with my father teaching me about safety and proper shooting technique. i started hunting at 12 years old and took my first deer the same year. i've always been interested in firearms through out my life and worked in quite a few gun shops and chain stores. now i have a 2 year old son that loves watching daddy shoot his guns in the yard. i bought him his first rifle the day he was born, (a Winchester M70 Featherweight in 7mm-08.) and can't wait for him to start shooting with me. when i turned 21 i got my LTCF an carried concealed for 6 years.

    i started OCing back in June after i had some informal training from Steve at the F.I.R.E. institute. he showed me that the way i CCed my sig P220 would be cumbersome to draw from the small of my back and that i shold get a good hip holster and carry that way. i experimented for a few days with various carry holsters and finally settled on a level 2 Serpa. i also got the carry gun i've been wanting for a year. the P220 Match in a 5" barrel. now i OC just about everywhere i go. even into the City of Pittsburgh where i have a second job on the weekends. my boss prefers i OC. now with winter setting in it'll be a little harder to OC, but i will every chance i get. i will be OCing on Nov. 4th to my polling place.

    have a good one

    Chris S.

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    Welcome RenegatePhoenix! Good to see you.

    I keep hoping to get back to Pgh sometime in the not-too-distant future. I attended Carnegie Mellon many many moons ago and still love that city.

    Hope to meet you sometime at a multi-state meetup.
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