I'll remind everyone that two years ago Sen. Buttars literally got up off his sick bed--nigh unto a death bed at that point--to come chair his committee and use every procedure and rule possible to advance a good, pro-gun bill.

A lot of legislators vote the right way on gun bills when they have too. Sen. Buttars uses every tool at his disposal to help advance our cause. He is one of a very small number of real heroes on the hill when it comes to protecting and advancing our RKBA. And he is in a very tough fight as the anti-gun types have chosen to attack him for his conservative votes and words in other areas.


We had such a good turn out and positive comments from last weeks breakfast & precinct walk that we are doing it again this Saturday ONE HOUR EARLIER THAN LAST WEEK. Saturday 11/1 at 8:00 a.m., Senator Buttars is hosting breakfast at the Golden Corral located at 8860 South Redwood Road, West Jordan, UT 84088 before we canvas precincts. Â
For anyone who has an hour or two to walk & talk at about 30 houses in a precinct please either meet with us for Breakfast at Golden Corral telling the wait staff you are with Senator Buttars group and coming back to the meeting room on the right past the ice cream area or meet in the Golden Corral parking lot before 9:00 a.m. Wear your Buttars t-shirts or pick one up in the morning.Â
We are concentrating on 4 precincts. You can see maps and let us know of any preference you have at the breakfast.ÂÂ
We are even more organized than last week. We have the maps marked, the specific pages of the assigned households on each street ready, & bags with 40 labeled brochures all ready to take and walk. We’ve included extra brochures in case you meet other people not on the assigned list while you are out and talking.
We appreciate all the time everyone has been putting into walking and calling precincts and understand if this event doesn’t fit your schedule.  If Saturday just doesn’t work, and you want to participate during the week just let me know. All the packets of ~30 households are ready for pick-up at my home in West Jordan at 1100 West 9000 South 84088.
We need to let the liberals know we are serious about keeping our Senator and standing for our values.
I will be carrying my husband’s cell phone again on Saturday so you can reach me at 984-3484 for any coordinating or questions. Also, please note Senator Buttars cell phone number (209-7572) so you can contact him for any questions you may not have the answers to as you go door to door.

Julie Ann Dole, M.S., R.D.
http://www.chrisbuttars.com/Â** 801-562-8565
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