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Thread: Local Candidates - Do they support our 2nd Amendment Rights?

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    Alright, so voting day is quickly coming. Who are the candidates that everyone feels are our best choices regarding keeping our gun laws safe here at home? (I think we all understand we can't do much federally).

    I'm not going to ask you who you are going to vote for (this is private). But I would like to know if you have an opinion (either for or against) regarding any of our local candidates gun laws/views.

    I know I've been focusing so much on the Presidential candidates I haven't done by due diligence in learning about the local candidates.

    Any opinions, links etc... would be great!

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    Since you live in Utah County, Mark Madsen will be on your ballot for State Senate.

    When it comes to Pro-RKBA politicians in Utah, they don't get much better than Mark!

    Not only does he vote the correct way on the issues, but he has authored and sponsored several Pro-RKBA bills.

    Also, I had the chance to chat with our congressional candidate Jason Chaffetz at the Salt Lake County GOP convention. He is rock solid when it comes to gun rights.
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