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Thread: I did it.

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    I know, I'm kind of a chicken about it, but I'm a little afraid of screwing it up 'cause I can't afford a lawyer or anything. Tonight, however, I OC'd while taking the kids trick-or-treating. The thinking was that most folks wouldn't make a big deal out of it thinking it was a costume piece or something.

    In any event, aside from some neutral to positive comments from the folks I was with, nothing to report.

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    I haven't done it often, but I do know that it gets easier. I've been mostly CCing and I was really nervous the first few times. Now it feels almost normal. I've OC'd a few times and, while I felt a bit self conscious, it wasn't that bad. I haven't received any comments about OC the few times I've done it, other than the "are you a cop" bit.
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    After A long time of cc I started to oc. At first it was a little different mainly because some people stair or make a fuss. But it seams to me that the more you do it the more comfortable u get. Now after doing it so long I hardly notive and it feels natural.

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