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Thread: carrying a knife if im under 18?

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    First I would like to say hello
    Im 15 which I know is much to young to OC nor do I own a gun but my dad does and when im old enough I play to OC or CC a gun if your wondering what guns my dad has he has a 30.06 a 22 and a glock 17
    depending on who becomes president I might give my dad money to buy a gun and keep it till im 21
    how often do you see some OC I have never seen someone although when I was on max coming home from the mall I saw a guy concelaing one I dont think he had a permit since it was tucked into his pants

    how much people look at you when you OC? because im kind of worrying about someone calling the cops when Im old enough to even though nothing will happen will probley wast alot of time

    also I know someone under 18 can legally own a rifle does that mean you could walk around carrying a rifle?
    Just curious I would never do it since it would get the cops called but I love knowing things no matter how useless it is

    I was wondering if it would be illegal for me to carry a knife as long as its not concealed? I dont mean to school of course. But sometimes when I walk to this store near my house by my self when its starting to get dark I dont always feel the safest there isnt really much crime near my house but still would it be legal for me?

    also would it be legal to carry a sword because I have one I want to give to my friend he dosent live very far though so I would rather walk there if its legal to carry it
    it will be in a sheath of course

    also what is the legal status on switchblades I read there legal if there not concealed I plan to buy one but even if I'm allowed to I dont plan to carry it

    also what would be a good knife to carry? I was thinking a ka-bar
    all I got right now is one of the knifes where you use your thumb to open it but its not in very good condition

    also where would be a good place to buy a knife online? was looking at here

    sorry about my spelling its not my forte

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    Hi, Mokthrakaand welcome to OCDO.

    Sorry it's taken a few days for anyone to respond. You posted a lot of questions, and it may be difficult to accurately respond to them all.

    The questions you're asking are legal questions. There may be specific local and state laws that address what you're asking about. Because "I Am Not A Lawyer" (or IANAL as it's abbreviated), you should not trust mine, or anyone else's advice without looking up all applicable local and state laws for yourself and understanding them completely. The best thing to do is to consult with an attorney. The worst thing to do is get busted and say "Someone on the internet told me it was legal!"

    Rather than just answer all of your questions, I'm going to point you to the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). They are the complete set of State laws in Oregon. In printed form, they're about 20 books taking up 2 1/2feet long on the bookshelf (the last time I looked at them). You can find them online, themain page is here:

    You can search the index for different subjects, however, the section covering most of your questions can be found in ORS chapter 166:

    Some of the notable statutes:
    166.170 State preemption (Means the State Legislature is the only one that can make firearms laws or grand authority of anyone else to make firearms laws)

    166.173 Authority of city or county to regulate possession of loaded firearms in public places (7 cities ban loaded firearms in some or all public places, Portland, Salem, Springfield, Bend, and a couple others. Having a Concealed Handgun License at 21 exempts from these restrictions).

    166.240 Carrying of concealed weapons (covers all concealed weapons EXCEPT Firearms)

    166.250 Unlawful possession of firearms (THIS one covers concealed handguns, and minors in posession of handguns, as well as clarifies some things it does not cover, like long guns given to a minor with permission from the parent or guardian, and holstered handguns not being concealed (here's where Open Carry is specifically NOT regulated)

    166.370 Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon in public building or court facility; exceptions; discharging firearm at school (This one specifically says where nobody can carry a firearm, like schools, city hall, hospitals, etc., except most all of it is exempted for a person with a Concealed Handgun License, except the court facilities part)

    There's some other good stuff in that chapter, read through it thoroughly. If you have any specific questions, please ask them, but try to keep it down to 1 or 2 questions per post. You'll get quicker answers that way

    Some of your questions may already be answered in other posts, too. Here's one about Open Carry of knives (swords?)

    Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you, and welcome again to OCDO.


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