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    IF I decided to keep my FL residency and get my so called "concealed weapons permit" in FL can I still OC while in Indiana, or does it limit me to "concealed" as the title of the permit says for FL???

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    This has been a matter of contention for quite some time.

    From reading the Indiana Statutes nothing would require you to follow the limits of your Florida License while in Indiana. You must follow Indiana law. Period.

    This is, a lot like the "2 step rule" or "three step rule" some cops talk about in states that don't have any law like that.

    In Florida (I'm a Floridian by birth) many cops will say you have to follow a "step rule". As you know, in Florida you can carry a loaded pistol in the glove box in a holster w/o a License. Some say that opening the glove box is one step and releasing the thumb break is step two. ***If you've heard these arguments you know what I mean for those Hoosiers who wonder what in the world I'm talking about***

    Anyway, in short your Florida CWFL (Concealed Weapon or Firearm License) functions as a LTCH (License to Carry a Handgun) here in Indiana.

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    You must always know and follow the laws of the state in which you are physically standing.

    Florida permit in Indiana = permit accepted + follow Indiana law.

    Florida permit in NY = permit not accepted, its the law.

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