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Thread: Police: Ohio minister shot dead near Ky. church', COVINGTON, Ky.

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    A Cincinnati minister was killed and a deacon at his church was wounded in a shooting Saturday morning as they arrived for a funeral at Ninth Street Baptist Church here. Police said the shootings happened around 10:50 a.m. outside the church, at East Ninth and Prospect Street.

    The Rev. Donald Fairbanks Sr., pastor of New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church on Freeman Avenue, was taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, hospital officials said.

    Deacon Dowdell Cobb was wounded and was in stable condition at University Hospital. About 30 friends and family members were at the hospital awaiting word on his condition this afternoon.

    Police have arrested Frederick L. Davis, 40, of Covington, and charged him with murder, assault, criminal mischief and violation of a protection order, according to booking information from the Kenton County Jail.

    Covington Police Chief Lee Russo said Davis was waiting when Fairbanks arrived at the church in a black Cadillac. After he was shot, Fairbanks tried to run but the gunman chased him down the street to a nearby park. Davis then shot him again in the park at Ninth and Prospect, police said.

    Police officers arrived moments after the shooting and Davis surrendered at the park, Russo said.

    The Rev. Richard Fowler, pastor of Ninth Street Baptist, said the victims had come to the church to support a relative member of Alice Turner, whose funeral was scheduled today at the church. Fowler said he conducted brief services after the shooting; they will resume Monday night.

    Fowler said he was shocked that a shooting would take place during a funeral outside his church.

    "To think that somebody would have total disregard for the family already in bereavement over the loss of a family member," he said.

    "And to not be concerned about safety either as far as the number of people who are here, and not even be concerned about whom else could be affected. It?s beyond thinking."

    Fairbanks had recently celebrated his 22nd anniversary as pastor of St. Paul.
    "He preached about love," said another St. Paul deacon, Rob Fuqua of Mount Airy. "Everybody was welcome at the church," which helps feed the needy and tries to keep kids off the streets.

    "He wasn?t just a pastor, but a friend."

    The church has about 300 members who live in all parts of the city, Fuqua said.

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    Wow. With the BG waiting and the violation of a protection order charge there is a lot more to this story than has been told.
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    As of this morning the police said they still don't know the motive, but that seems laughable considering the criminal past and EPO issued against the alleged shooter.

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