I KNOW McCain is no Savior on RKBA.

But I'm quite certain that Obama is far worse than we can imagine, especially since he is expected to have solid--maybe even filibuster or veto proof--majorities in both houses of congress.

A quick note to help defeat Obama.


For those of you who would rather not live under a regime presided
over by Lord Obama the Merciful, Healer of the Planet and Spreader of
Wealth, I have a last-minute suggestion as to how you can help John
McCain win.

SHORT VERSION: Go to http://www.nationalrepublicantrust.com

Longer version:

Believe it or not, even at this late date, there are still a lot of
people out there who have not yet decided which way they're going to
vote, and a lot of these folks live in states where Obama currently
has only a slight lead in the polls. McCain has refused to say
anything about Obama's 20-year alliance with the Reverend Jeremiah
Wright, out of fear of being tagged as a "racist" by the media. Many
undecided Americans still aren't aware of the extent of that
relationship, nor are they aware of the disgusting anti-American
doctrines preached by Rev. Wright. So it's up to us to do the
campaigning that McCain refuses to do, and to "drag him across the
finish line," as Rush Limbaugh puts it.

Fortunately, several independent political action committees (PACs)
are working to get the word out about Rev. Wright and other nasty
characters who were on Obama's speed-dial list until he decided to
run for President, as well as radical left-wing statements made by
Lord Obama himself but not published by the mainstream media. These
PACs are running ads in certain key states where Obama is ahead in
the polls but remains vulnerable. It's not necessarily easy to find
the websites of the most effective PACs. Federal law prohibits the
McCain/Palin campaign from endorsing any of these PACs or steering
people to them (not that the campaign would do so even if it were
legal; McCain himself detests PACs).

Even if you've already donated the legal limit to the McCain/Palin
campaign, you can still legally give money to a so-called "527" PAC.
Any donation you can make (even $10) will help.

One of these 527 PACs, The Republican National Trust, is currently
running a TV ad about Obama's long-standing relationship with Rev.
Wright. They're only running it in key battleground states, and they
want to keep running it through election day. You can view this ad
(along with others they've been running) at:


The website provides an easy link that will enable you to donate with
a credit card if you want to help out. I've already made a
donation. Thanks to Dr. John Lott (http://johnrlott.blogspot.com)
for publishing the Republican National Trust videos on his website,
which is how I found out about this PAC yesterday.

Political gadfly Dick Morris believes, for what it's worth, that Rev.
Wright is Obama's achilles heel in swing states. But McCain refuses
to even bring the subject up.

If you've found a website for another 527 PAC that's been doing good
work and that needs a donation, please forward it to me.

I believe that we need to keep fighting right up to the end. It
ain't over 'til it's over. Once the election results are official,
then we can talk about what to do next.

Best regards,

Bill Clayton

GOP Precinct Chairman
Utah Voting Precinct 4738

P.S. -- Here are some new things about Lord Obama the Merciful,
Healer of the Planet and Spreader of Wealth, that I've learned within
the past couple of hours:

Obama recently told a reporter for the SF Gate (a supplement
published by the San Francisco Chronicle) that he wants America's
coal industry to "go bankrupt." This statement didn't make it into
the published article, but an audio tape of the interview is
available: http://tinyurl.com/68oyz4

Obama's former associate William Ayers and his wife dedicated a book
they jointly authored in 1974 to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy's
assassin: http://tinyurl.com/6conws