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Thread: Guns Reduce Crime Debate

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    It's a 13-part series. Here is our esteemed R. Gil Kerlikowske:


    If you want to put it into context (this is part 3), here is the link for part 1.

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    R. Gil Kerlikowske has a view that is very typical among LEO's, especially long-term career LEO's and Unionsupporting LEO's: He buys into this "common sense" and "reasonable" gun-control nonsense. He probably feels that his entire career is threatened by law abiding citizens having firearms, because he'd rather have us call him if we have trouble than defend ourselves.

    It's a typical big-city (and big state)LEO attitude and it makes me want to puke.

    I know that not all LEO's are like this guy, but enough of the high-level administrators are in the big-city and state branches of law enforcement. It seems like the only decent high-level LEO's are elected County Sherriffs in rural counties.

    EDIT: It comes as no surprise to me that National Public Radio is hosting yet another anti-gun debate near election time.

    Worst of all, he quotes research that says when gun numbers increase, gun murders increase but non-gun murders don't. Later, he cites the Union that represents the bobbies in the UK, stating that they don't want to be armed. (Never mind that the violent crime rate with knives in the UK has skyrocketed...)

    Then he brings up recent campus shootings (where firearms are already restricted) and makes the assertion that students/faculty with guns won't solve the problem... Well, Comrade Kerlikowske, the police sure didn't deter or stop the shootings quickly or effectively, did they?

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