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Thread: Anyone know details re arrests of 2 men with guns on Dannville college campus?

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    I wonder what the 2d student was charged with as gun carry is lawful on college campuses.


    No one could blame Danville Community College students, teachers and
    staff for being concerned about two incidents on campus involving guns
    last month.

    “It was really scary because it just happened a couple of weeks ago,”
    DCC student Christie Stanley said of the campus-wide lockdown and police

    The South Main Street campus was locked down Wednesday after Danville
    police received a report that someone with a gun was heading toward the
    school with the intent to harm another person.

    Two men were arrested, including one DCC student. No shots were fired,
    and classes had resumed by mid-afternoon.

    In the previous incident, a DCC student was seen by another student with
    a gun on campus. That suspect has also been charged.

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    Holy Flippin Flatcakes batman-- I was there about mid-day on my way to buggs island for the weekend.... I had to wonder what all the DCC stickers were on peoples bumpers....

    I heard the mention of the college on the scanner later after idstopped at a gas station just off 57 beside the college.. Its a good thing id made the decision to carry concealed, then again we may have had an interesting forum post.

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