Hey MO,

VA here, but I got this story in my email because I belong to an email list of LODD/near misses, etc in the fire service. Just thought I would pass this along.

Copied straight from the E-mail:

In another example of a Firefighter attempting to do good, there was a fatal shooting in St Louis County (MO) involving an off-duty Fire Captain, 52 year old Leonard Riggins, of St. Louis Fire Department tonight. The Captain Riggins died at a local hospital, the suspect died at the scene.

Cops believe there were as many as four car jackings over a 15-minute period. The first carjacking occurred in a person's driveway...the bad guy took off but eventually crashed the vehicle.

The Fire Captain came upon the crash scene and attempted to help the carjacker...the carjacker then shot the Fire Captain in the chest and took his car. The murderer then crashed again and attempted to carjack another person. He then got involved in a shootout with police and was shot dead in the middle of the street.

Tragically, Captain Riggins gave his life trying to help, in what he thought, was someone genuinely needing help...but thankfully, the murderer himself was gunned down by the police stopping him from any further action. Our condolences to Captain RIggins' Family and friends.

I did a quick search on google and didnt see anything come up about it yet, but here is a link to the story also: