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Thread: Any Oregon permit holders here?

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    If you hold a concealed permit across the Columbia, this may be of interest to you.
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    I'm glad their Sherriff actually tried to stick up for their privacy. If I lived in his jurisdiction I'd keep voting for him!

    Fortunately for us here in Washington state, our privacy is guaranteed. Only inquiring courts and law enforcement agencies are allowed to request our information as permit holders when we are applying for or renewing CPL's. RCW that our applications (and renewals), copies of our applications (and renewals), or any information on our applications (and renewals) can only be requested by law enforcement or corrections agencies and RCW 9.41.070only waives our confidentiality (and constitutes a request) for information from DSHS, mental health institutions, and other health care facilities regarding our eligibility to carry firearms when a court or law enforcement agency makes an inquiry.

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