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Thread: Armed nutjob disarmed by elderly woman

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    Who says the elderly can't think quick? This one certainly did.

    PALM BAY -- In Brevard County, a quick-thinking 89-year-old woman stopped an armed neighbor who barged into her son's home.

    It happened Thursday in Palm Bay on the 1600 block of Seeley Circle.

    Palm Bay police said the man entered the house with a handgun and rifle, thinking he was being pursued by enemies.

    Police said Catarina Tosca grabbed the man's ammo clip while he was aiming out of the window and then ran from the house.

    Police eventually talked the man into leaving the house peacefully. Nobody was injured.

    Neighbors said the man had been out of work for eight months.

    He was taken to a mental health facility

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    "ammo clip" ?? :?


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    haha I noticed that too,

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