ood news from KSL on Hilder.

Let's get the word out and do all we can to limit this man's career. His ruling on the UoU gun ban should be enough to end any chance of a higher seat. But I'm happy to jump on this one as well. Looks like his has bought us a few more days to oppose him.

Contact information for State Senators can be found at <http://www.utahsenate.org/perl/roster2007.pl>.



SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A Utah Senate panel has delayed deciding whether to recommend a state judge to fill an appellate court vacancy.

Third District Judge Robert K. Hilder was nominated to the post by Gov. Jon Huntsman. Hilder has been on the 3rd District bench since 1995.

Senators said Friday that testimony from the family of Natalie Turner gave them reason for "pause." Turner was shot and killed by police in a standoff with police while struggling through a three-year divorce and custody battle.

Turner's father, David Turner, said Hilder unfairly delayed the case, failed to issue a child-custody order and made rulings that were unclear.

Hilder defended his judgment, but offered to meet with the Turners to discuss how the situation could have been improved. He said he's advocated for reforms of the family law system.

"I pledge to you and the citizens of Utah my service and the commitment to learn from my mistakes," Hilder told the Senate committee. "You vote your conscience, and I will serve wherever I get to serve."

Senators will meet again Wednesday to discuss Hilder's appointment. The confirmation is scheduled for consideration by the full Senate during a special legislative session Nov. 19.

Hilder's career has been marked by several high-profile decisions and cases.

In 2003, he ruled in favor of a University of Utah ban of guns on campus. And in 2001, he sentenced Paul Wayment to jail for pleading no contest to the negligent death of his toddler son during a hunting expedition. The case drew national attention after Wayment committed suicide before reporting to jail.