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Thread: Online Estate Auction of WWI/WWII memorabilia

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    This was posted on the Zombie Squad forum I often frequent. A forum member's relative died, leaving behind an fairly nice collection of WWI/WWII collectibles, including many firearms and bayonets. The auction house has an online auction setup, and displays the items. I'm not vouching for any of the items or weapons; I just thought I'd pass it along to our C&R crowd here

    Spectacular WWI & WWII Memorabilia Auction: The Estate Collection of Jack Crain

    There looks to be about 300 items. I'd love to pick up a Mauser "Broomhandle" to OC.

    John (RedKnightt)

    --Zombie Squad has it right: "We hold fast to the belief that if you are prepared for a scenario where the walking corpses of your family and neighbors are trying to eat you alive, you will be prepared for almost anything."--

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    i'll take that M1

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