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    hi, i am new here, just found the site while searching permit laws for robeson county. i have a few questions to those that may live in robeson county.

    ho wlong did it take you to get your purchase permit? i have applied in 98 and am about to apply again due to not getting the permit in 98.

    how did you go about getting 3 people to sign your permit application. since i dont personaly know 3 law officers or dmv employees, i am having a hard time getting mine signed.

    do you know any good places to get the CCP(conceled carry permit)?

    thanks in advance.

    stumped in parkton.

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    I'm shocked at the procedures your sheriff's department has. I live in Moore co. and getting a permit here was simple. Go to the sheriff's office, fill out your form, and3 days later pay $5 per permit. Go pick up your pistol.

    No affidavit. No signatures. The receptionist signed and affixed a seal.


    Sorry dude

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