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Thread: Not an open carry question...but

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    Ill start off by saying thatnks for the forum. Glad to be here. I signed the petition yesterday and had a few others I know do the same.

    I live in SC but am originally from Florida where I lived my whole life.

    Our state does issue the CCW and our local police cheif teaches the class. He also openly says "anyone who is legal to carry, should."

    So my wife and I are taking the class in 2 weeks for the CCW here.

    My question is based on what our police chief has said when asked about what the sherrif and police depts think about carrying. He sais "most officers dont know the law"

    So my question (s) are: Have you been pulled over and shown your DL and CCW to an officer? What was his attitude or stance when you told him you were carrying? Did he care? Was he upset? Were you treated like a criminal who mught harm him?

    I hear stories of folks being arrested even thogh they have a permit and then the court costs to win a case against them.

    Your thoughts?

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    Depends upon which state and locality. Not a problem here... but areas where CC/OC is fairly recent... (past 10 years or less) you may expect hassles. Also where 'most people' do not carry... even tho legal. This is in cities mostly. OC's beenrecognized in Arizona since before there was an Arizona. CC came later.

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    Yes. Fortunately, I was not sited (as I was not doing anything wrong). As for the attitude of the officers.. they were fine and very professional. Not one iota of a problem. But this is Virginia, so I expect that.

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    AllAmerican wrote:
    So my question (s) are: Have you been pulled over and shown your DL and CCW to an officer? What was his attitude or stance when you told him you were carrying? Did he care? Was he upset? Were you treated like a criminal who mught harm him?
    For open carry in a vehicle (where it is legal to do so):

    Remember that the worst thing you can do is surprise an officer with a view of your firearm in plain sight, especially if he's stopping you for more than a simple traffic infraction. If the nature of your stop is suspected criminal or felony behavior, the presence of a firearm will have the officer very nervous. If you're open carrying in a vehicle, where it is legal to do so, it's always best to inform the officer the moment he arrives at your window to speak to you in the most polite and neutral manner possible. Of course you should never gesture toward the weapon or look like you're reaching for it.

    If you do have to inform an officer that you are carrying a weapon, do so with both of your hands in plain sight on top of the steering wheel in the most neutral and polite manner possible. Something to the effect of, "I am carrying a firearm at this time. How would you like me to produce my drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance?" Don't be tempted to say things like 'I think you should know' or 'for your safety...' etc. Statements like that might be perceived as threatening. Simply stating that you have a firearm in a neutral manner and then asking the officer for his instruction on how he wants you to procede from there informs him that you have the weapon and lets him know that you do have his safety and best interest in mind, and that you do intend to comply with his instructions in a non-threatening manner.

    In my opinion, if your state does not require you to inform the officer that you are carrying during a traffic stop it's best not to, unless the firearm is in a place they're very likely to see it, such as your glove box when you reach for your registration or on yourbody in a placewhere it will "print" through your clothing and the officer is likely to notice it. (This assumes you're carrying concealed with a permit where required sincethe firearm is not in plain sight.)

    However, the instant an officer informs you that you are being detained or are under arrest, you should immediately inform him in a polite and neutral manner that you are licensed to carry a weapon and that you are currently carrying.

    In my state, we are not required to inform the officer that we are carrying a firearm, but to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle we must have a concealed pistol license. When I'm in a vehicle my firearm is always concealed. I have been pulled over in Washington state and voluntarily informed the officer that I had a permit for a concealed pistol and that I was carrying at the time on two occasions:

    1. First occasion, a County Sherriff's Deputyasked me if I planned on shooting him. I chuckled and said no. He said something to the effect of, 'that's good, let's talk about how fast you were driving instead.' From that point on the firearm was a non-issue. (I was not issued a citation.)
    2. Second occasion was at the scene of a minor traffic accident. The State Patrollman reacted very negatively when I voluntarily informed him I was carrying, asked me where it was, had me slowly remove it from its holster with two fingers, unload it, and then turn the firearm over to him. He nearly forgot to return it to me afterward and I had to rather loudly and bluntly remind him that he still had my firearm locked up. (I was issued a driving too fast for conditions citation.)

    I've been pulled over 2 other times and decided not to inform the officer I was carrying, as my state does not require me to do so. The presence of firearms never came up. I was not issued citations in either case.

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