In the aftermath of the general election, we seem to have let something go by unnoticed.
For the first time since statehood, the Republican party, in the state of Oklahoma, has a majority in both the Legislature and Senate. We have never had a more 2A friendly State Congress.
Another thing working in our favor is the fact that Gov. Brad Henry is term-limited. His second term ends in 2 years and he can not seek re-election. We need to work to find and encourage a 2A friendly replacement. The first name which comes to mind is Mick Cornett.
Mayor Cornett rejected calls to join Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun group and was among the first of the nations Mayors to sign the NRA's pledge to not violate the Second Amendment in time of natural disaster.
Another person I think needs a good look is Mike McCarville. Though, I don't hold much hope, you'll never find a better supporter of the Second Amendment.
Any more names I should know? Any ideas how we can get the right man/woman in to the office?