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    This one was a few blocks from where I work, which I was doing at the time. However, whenever there is a shooting here (which happens about three or four times a week,) it tends to be within a mile of where I live. Small town.
    I was just at the hospital about an hour ago, and I heard one of the ER people telling another one that the guy actually died because the kid who survived ran into the hospital, but failed to tell the staff that his homie was in the car with a gunshot wound to the chest.

    Three Yakima County killings this week-

    This one's about about two months old, about six blocks from where I live. Kid was shooting at a house while kids were playing in the yard. The Seattle PI incorrectly states in the article that it was a half hour before- he was shot during the shooting. There was another shooting in the park a half hour before, and this shooting was in revenge. After this one, they went and shot the kid's house up, not knowing they killed him. The bullets hit the house next door to where I practice karate. Even though the second shooter lived in the house that was shot at in the third shooting, the police spokeswoman says the police do not believe they are related. (She also was under the impression that CPLs are issued at the discretion of the secretaries at the station.)
    The driver in the shooting used to live in the apartment next to me, and the deceased wrote his tag name all over my kid's playground. Don't think he'll be doing that again.

    These aren't the only shootings, but most don't result in fatalities.;StoryID=14567

    I thought moving here from Seattle would be safer. There's 13K people here and shootings every couple days. Carry a gun if you come to Sunnyside.

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    Move back.

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