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Thread: Nov's ocing meet and greet DATE!!!!

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    >< I'd like to but I will be at that stupid parade in Chicago tomorrow

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    magicman wrote:

    To have Nov's meet-up at the resturant of Flying-J'S

    on Grant ST. off 80-94. This SAT. NOV. 22 at

    2:00pm. ????

    Let's DO IT.... I'll be there!!!!


    YES or NO????
    Magicman, start a new thread that will contain OC Events for the State of Indiana like we did here for Michigan. After you create the OC Thread PM Mike or John to have it stickied. It has worked out great for us-give it a try.

    Other states that have/plan on OC events should do the same.Have members who plan to attend call, email, PM you with the confirmations and other pertinent info and you can update as necessary. Just make sure that you include a note within your thread notifying members "Please Do Not Reply in This Thread" or something along that line.

    See Link for the Michigan Events Schedule Thread for formatting example: LINK

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