BETHEL PARK, Pa. -- Bethel Park police are investigating an alleged attempted robbery and kidnapping at South Hills Village Mall.

A 31-year-old woman told Channel 11 News that a man approached her as she put her baby and her purchases into her car at about 3 p.m. Sunday.
The woman said he demanded cash and when she gave the man the few dollars she had at the time, he allegedly told her to get in the car and drive him to a bank.

The victim managed to lock her baby safely in the car and then run for help.

In a statement released Monday night, mall management said, "We are committed to providing a safe, quality shopping environment to our shoppers and our employees. To do this, we take several proactive security measures, including maintaining a continuous security patrol of our mall."

No arrests have been made.
Couple of disturbing things here:

1/ The mall's CYA mode. What are they saying here? "We are committed to providing a safe..." blah blah blah. Well if that's true they YOU'RE FAILING MISERABLY.

2/ The reporter's statement that "The victim managed to lock her baby safely in the car". Are you kidding? You left your BABY IN THE CAR and ran away? Are you ******** me? Side windows in a car are meant to be easily broken in case of involuntary entrapment. It would have been nothing for the perp to break the window and gain access to your baby! Retard!

Bottom line: this lady was HELPLESS. Furthermore she put her child in danger as she "ran for help." Get a clue! If you were armed (open or concealed) it would have been much easier to deal with the situation: Either you'd have a very scared perp running for his life, or a perp choking in a pool of his own blood. Either way, you're safe and, more importantly, your kid's safe!